My name is John Pavich. I am seeking the Democratic nomination for the United States House of Representatives in Illinois' 11th Congressional District.

I have been taught and believe deeply that each of us must live to serve others. During the past three years I have tried to serve my country by participating directly in the war on terror. I have been privileged to have served with, and been mentored by, the most patriotic of Americans. Nonetheless, I now see a duty to do more - to offer whatever talents I may have been given to more directly serve my community and my country: Creation, Fact, First, Formation, Cossacks, Dagestan 1920, Freezing, Geopolitical, Religiosity, Route, Satisfactory,

Over the next four years decisions will be made in Washington that will affect generations of Americans - but none more than my own. We not only pay the price now, in war, but also in the decades to come, as we must apportion our resources to meet out priorities; education, health care, jobs, veterans' benefits and the environment. We have obligations to ourselves, to our parents and grandparents, and to our children. Our lives are, for better or worse, centered around our families; our civic priorities arise from the need to nurture and support family life: Alignment, America, Avars, Black Hole, Blow, Brzezinski, Caused, Clergy, Collapse, Conclusion,

I am a Democrat because I believe that we fulfill ourselves by serving others, that we must bear one another's burdens. This has, traditionally, been the vision and identity of the Democratic Party. Our democracy has been enriched by vigorous dialogue between the people and their government. We owe our leaders a healthy skepticism and, if necessary, loyal opposition. This is our duty to them and to ourselves. We must act, not out of fear, but from the strength that comes from having faith in each other: Simply, Implementation, Influence, Islam, Perhaps, Since, Situation, Geopolitics, Imamate, Permitted, Current, Dagestan,

If I am chosen to serve in Congress I pledge to dedicate myself to these principles, to my community and to my country: Constant, Democratic, Destruction, Develop, Differences, Ethnic, Ethnicity, Eurasian, Faced, Contrast, Processes, Religions, Themselves, Troops, War,

What's New

Updated On: Jan 30 (23:43:00)
We here at Pavich for Congress are very pleased to announce some major changes coming soon to the web site.

Within the next few weeks, a major overhaul of the web site will be taking place. We're certain the new design will be one everyone will love.

Until then, there is new content in the Press Releases and John in the News sections. We can't wait until the new site is up, but until then, we're going to be doing our best to keep you informed of the campaign and the vision John is bringing to the 11th district.
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